GHSA Announces Partnership with Armilla Tech

GHSA Announces Partnership with Armilla Tech

Armilla Tech is bringing their technology to high schools by formally announcing a three-year partnership with the Georgia High School Association (GHSA). The state-of-the-art electronic play calling technology provides the ability to take scholastic sports to a higher intelligence level.

An affordable solution for schools to increase and promote kids’ participation in sport, this technology is simple to use with no cellular, no Wi-Fi, and no Bluetooth needed. Armilla Tech will serve as the Official Baseball Coach to Catcher Electronic Communication Device of each state association and will look to help bring their technology to member schools within the partnership.

“Armilla Tech is going to revolutionize the high school game with its best-in-class coach to catcher communication device,” said Milton Powell, Armilla Tech’s Vice President. “With the click of a button, coaches can securely send pitch calls in milliseconds to their catcher. No more signaling, miscommunication or sign stealing concerns. The Armilla system makes team communication fast, clear and secure. Every unit is built tough for the general wear and tear that comes with playing the game.”

The new partnership enhances Armilla Tech’s mission which is to create a fair and equal sports playing field. Technology in sports is rapidly growing, and Armilla Tech is ahead of the pack. The instant communication, clear instructions, and quick adjustments of the technology are a perfect fit for the high school level. GHSA member schools will have the opportunity to be the first schools to implement technology.

The timing of the partnership comes after the National Federation of High School (NFHS) Baseball Rules Committee approved the use of a one-way communication device between a coach in the dugout and a team’s catcher for the 2024 season. Armilla Tech will provide a turnkey solution for teams looking to take advantage of the innovation in sport technology.

“The system works with or without cell, wifi or Bluetooth so we’d love to see your high school try it,” added Armilla Tech’s CEO/Founder, Lance Heron.

For high schools interested in utilizing this technology or learning more, please contact Milton Powell (phone: 512.677.0347; email: or Lance Heron  (phone: 250.300.7768; email:

Armilla Tech

Armilla Tech is a pioneering force in enhancing team sports communication, particularly in high-stakes environments like baseball, softball and football. With our state-of-the-art electronic play calling system, we're transforming how coaches and players interact. Our device, worn on the arm, provides clear, immediate, and secure communication, eliminating traditional hurdles such as misinterpreted signals, sign stealing or crowd noise. Designed for durability and ease of use, Armilla Tech withstands the rigors of the game while offering unparalleled convenience, proving integral for teams aiming to maintain a competitive edge. We exist because we believe in the power of technology to redefine strategy, remove barriers, and ultimately, drive the evolution of team sports.

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