GHSA Softball 'Weekly Blast' Aug. 15


JEWELRY –Players are now allowed to wear jewelry that does not appear to create a safety concern, is not a distraction to the batter, or is not offensive in nature in the judgment of the umpire crew. If the jewelry is judged to violate any of these issues the player will merely have to remove the item(s) in question. NOTE: Any piece of jewelry that can transmit or record information electronically (i.e. Smart Watch) may NOT be worn by a player in the game.

PARTICIPATION LIMITS – The COVID modifications used the past two seasons have been removed for this season.  As such, players limited to play a combination of games (varsity & JV) not to exceed the 30-game varsity limit.  Example: A player who plays in 19 varsity games may only play in 11 JV games.  NOTE: Being used as a “courtesy runner” only does not constitute participation as part of the game limit.

FIELD MARKINGS – It is the responsibility of the “host school” to ensure are properly marked, including the 3-foot running lane, in accordance to NFHS rules.  If the field is not properly marked the umpires should contact the game manager, or head coach, when conducting the pregame field walkthrough.  If the field is not properly marked, and cannot be done so prior to the start of the game, the umpires shall submit a “Game Report” to the GHSA Office.

EYE BLACK:  The player can use any single color as long as the same color in used under each eye and it is not reflective.  It cannot contain glitter, etc. It must be one single line below and parallel to the eye.

BETWEEN HALF INNINGS – Teams have ONE MINUTE between half innings to take 5 warmup pitches, etc.  The time starts when the last out is recorded.  If the catcher is the last batter tell the team to get someone to warm up the pitcher.

LIGHTNING: (a) The GHSA requires the host school to provide lightning detectors at all outdoor athletic activities. (1) When a lightning detector indicates a dangerous situation, the game manager will notify the head official. At that point, the official will suspend play and all participants and fans will go to a place of safety (NOTE: If officials spot lightning before being notified, they may suspend play). (2) The contest may resume in accordance with procedures published in the NFHS Rules Book.  The GHSA recommends the game be suspended it there is a lightning strike within 7 – 10 miles. 

SUBSTITUTION ISSUES – Coaches shall report all substitutions and re-entry moves to the plate umpire.  Illegal and unreported substitutions shall be dealt with according the NFHS/GHSA rules. For questions concerning “substitutions” reference Rule 3 Sections 3 & 4 in the Rule Book on pages 33 & 34.


1. The DP can never be on DEFENSE ONLY.

2. The FLEX player can never be on OFFENSE ONLY.

3. The DP and FLEX player can never be on offense at the same time.

4. The STARTER and the SUBSTITUTE cannot be in the game at the same time.

5. The starting DP and FLEX player have one re-entry just as any other player.

6. Once the game is started with the DP/FLEX positions in the lineup, those positions are available for the entire game.

7. The penalty for illegal re-entry of the DP or FLEX player is always restricted to the bench/dugout.

8.  If the player is on offense, the player is called out. If the player is on defense, the team on offense may have the choice of taking the result of the play or accepting the penalty.

9. The DP player is charged with a substitution only when the DP is withdrawn from the batting order and the FLEX player is charged with a substitution only when the FLEX is no longer listed as playing defense.

NEW RULES INTERPRETATION REQUEST – If you have a rules question merely go on the GHSA MIS site, click on “Forms”, then scroll down to “Rules Interpretation Request” to submit your inquiry.

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