Hazing in High School Athletics

By Jeff Jonas on NFHS.org

The act of hazing has mostly been associated with college fraternities and sororities, but it is becoming a more frequent occurrence in high school athletics. Hazing certainly is not new; however, the degree to which it is reported in the news today is. Social media allows the average fan, player and parent to get a more in-depth view into what actually goes on in players' lives.

The willingness for high schools to admit that bullying is a real and dangerous problem facing many students today has led administrators and athletic directors to take a much closer look at hazing rituals on their campuses. Ritual hazing might have been looked at by administrators a few years ago as kids being kids, but now there is no room for activities that degrade or defame anyone. Strict rules are in place to punish student-athletes involved in hazing students and athletes. More than ever, coaches need to be proactive to not only protect their own coaching careers, but to ensure the safety and well-being of those they coach.  READ MORE

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