Sectional Track Meet Information and Entry Lists for 2016


Coaches - please check your entry lists for the sectionals posted below. Let your Region Secretary know promptly if there are any changes or substitutions. The deadline for changes is Noon, Wednesday, April 27, 2015.


All Lists Updated as of 4/29/2016 9:30am

Sectional "A" – Meet Host: Roswell HS - Regions: 2,4,5,6
AAAAAA Sectional A Entry List
AAAAAA Sectional A Performance List
AAAAAA Sectional A Meet Program

Sectional "B" – Meet Host: Mill Creek HS - Regions: 1,3,7,8
AAAAAA Sectional B Entry List
AAAAAA Sectional B Performance List
AAAAAA Sectional B Meet Program

Sectional "A" – Meet Host: Starr's Mill HS - Regions: 1,4,5,7
AAAAA Sectional A Entry List
AAAAA Sectional A Performance List
AAAAA Sectional A Meet Program

Sectional "B" – Meet Host: Heritage HS, Conyers - Regions: 2,3,6,8
AAAAA Sectional B Entry List
AAAAA Sectional B Performance List
AAAAA Sectional B Meet Program

Class AAAA
Sectional "A" – Meet Host: Carrollton HS - Regions: 1,2,5,7
AAAA Sectional A Entry List
AAAA Sectional A Performance List
AAAA Sectional A Meet Program

Sectional "B" – Meet Host: Eagles Landing HS - Regions: 3,4,6,8
AAAA Sectional B Entry List
AAAA Sectional B Performance List
AAAA Sectional B Meet Program

Class AAA
Sectional "A" – Meet Host: Gordon Central HS - Regions: 2,4,5,6
AAA Sectional A Entry List
AAA Sectional A Performance List
AAA Sectional A Meet Program

Sectional "B" – Meet Host: SE Bulloch HS - Regions: 1,3,7,8
AAA Sectional B Entry List
AAA Sectional B Performance List
AAA Sectional B Meet Program

Class AA
Sectional "A" – Meet Host: Fitzgerald HS - Regions: 1,2,4,5
AA Sectional A Entry List
AA Sectional A Performance List
AA Sectional A Meet Program

Sectional "B" – Meet Host: GAC - Regions: 3,6,7,8
AA Sectional B Entry List
AA Sectional B Performance List
AA Sectional B Meet Program

Class A Public and Private
Meet Host: Athens Christian School, Meet Location: NORTH OCONEE HS- Areas: 1,2,3,4
A Public Sectional Entry List
A Public Sectional Performance List
A Public Sectional Meet Program

A Private Sectional Entry List
A Private Sectional Performace List
A Private Sectional Meet Program



10:30am 1600 Meter Run
10:30am Pole Vault (Boys)
11:00am Long Jump (Girls), Triple Jump (Boys)
11:00am Shot Put (Girls), Discus (Boys)
11:00am High Jump (Girls)
1:00pm Triple Jump (Girls), Long Jump (Boys)
1:00pm High Jump (Boys), Pole Vault (Girls)
1:00pm Shot Put (Boys), Discus (Girls)
3:30pm 400 Meter Relay
4:05pm 400 Meter Dash
4:20pm 100 Meter Dash
4:35pm 110 Meter Hurdles-100 Meter Hurdles
4:55pm 800 Meter Run
5:15pm 200 Meter Dash
5:30pm 300 Meter Hurdles
5:55pm 3200 Meter Run
6:45pm 1600 Meter Relay

Class A

FIELD EVENTS (Order: Girls: Public then Private, Boys: Private then Public)
10:00am Long Jump (Girls), Triple Jump (Boys)
10:00am Shot Put (Girls), Discus Throw (Boys)
10:00am Pole Vault (Boys)
11:00am High Jump (Boys)
12:00noon High Jump (Girls), Long Jump (Boys)
12:00noon Triple Jump (Girls)
12:00noon Pole Vault (Girls)
12:30pm Discus Throw (Girls), Shot Put (Boys)
RUNNING EVENTS (Order: Girls Public, Girls Private, Boys Public, Boys Private)
2:30pm 400 Meter Relay
3:10pm 400 Meter Dash
3:50pm 100 Meter Dash
4:30pm 110 Meter Hurdles-100 Meter Hurdles
5:10pm 800 Meter Run
5:50pm 200 Meter Dash
6:30pm 300 Meter Hurdles
7:10pm 1600 Meter Relay


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