Softball 'Weekly Blast' for Sept. 19


FIELD MARKINGS – We have received a number of reports that fields are lined incorrectly for games.  Rule 1 in the “Rules Book” clearly lists, and diagrams, the required field markings.  Please make sure your field complies with the rules. If fields are not prepared correctly umpires should report the violation to the GHSA Office.

LINE-UP CARDS – Line-up cards shall be submitted to the umpires during the pregame plate meeting for all games, JV and Varsity.  For questions concerning line-up cards go to Rule 3-1 and 4-1-2 in the “Rules Book.

TEAM ESSENTIAL PERSONNEL - The team dugout is a designated restricted area for team personnel ONLY. Team essential personnel are defined as; coaches, players, medical personnel ONLY. Scorekeepers (unless one of the team coaches), photographers, managers, etc. are not allowed in the team dugout.

FIELD PERSONNEL – Coaches for the team at bat shall occupy the 1st & 3rd base coaching boxes. No other offensive coaches are allowed on the field.  Coaches of the team on defense shall NOT be outside the team dugout.  If they come outside the team dugout for more than a quick instruction, a defensive timeout shall be charged.

PITCHING – I promise you this is the last time I am going to reference pitching this season.  Coaches, you have been warned that the “leap” is not legal in NFHS/GHSA play. Umpires, you have been warned that if you don’t call the “leap” your evaluation cannot be good and you will not advance to the State Tournament.

REGION SEEDS – Coaches, please make sure your Region Secretary submits your top four teams for the State Tournament in the MIS System as soon as they are determined, but no later than Sunday, October 16 @ 9:00 AM.

SUPER REGIONALS – The dates for the Super Regionals are; Oct. 18 & 19 for A-D1, 2A, 4A, 6A and Oct. 20 & 21 for A-D2, 3A, 5A, 7A.  The game times shall be the responsibility of the #1 seed (host school) in each 4-team Super Regional.  Umpires will be assigned by the respective District Coordinator. “Team Instructions” will be posted on the GHSA website Tuesday, October 4.

ELITE EIGHT IN COLUMBUS – “Team Instructions” for the Elite Eight will be posted on the GHSA website Monday, October 10.

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