Volleyball Weekly 'Blast' for September 3

This is the first of 2018 season volleyball officials’ bulletins.  We will cover issues pertinent to volleyball including, but not limited to, game issues, rule interpretations, etc.  This issue will cover the Rules Test Questions most frequently missed on the exam.  The questions below were missed over 40% of the 452 test taken.  The average score was 87 on the 452 test taken.



Immediately after service contact by S1, the second referee whistles a position fault on Team R. The served ball hits the net and does not cross it. After verifying Team R’s lineup with the scorer, the second referee realizes that no position fault was committed by Team R.

    1. Team S wins the rally
    2. Replay
    3. Team R wins the rally--CORRECT
    4. No Fault; Play continues


Player #3 is a back‐row setter. She is trying to save a ball that has been passed into the plane of the net by a teammate. While the ball is in the plane of the net, the opposing blocker #17 and the back‐row setter make simultaneous contact with the ball. What is the correct decision for the referees in this situation?

  1. Since the ball is in the plane of the net and may be legally played by either team, no fault has occurred, and play should continue.
  2. An illegal back‐row attack should be called against player #3.
  3. An illegal back‐row block should be called against player #3.--CORRECT
  4. Interference should be called against the blocker (#17) since the setter (#3) has the first right to play the ball.


Team S's coach continually enters the sub zone to talk to his/her players after being asked to stay out of the sub zone. 

  1. No Fault; Play continues
  2. Individual yellow card
  3. Unnecessary delay-- CORRECT
  4. Team R wins the rally


Hope everyone is enjoying the Volleyball Season!!!

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