Weekly Cheerleading 'Blast' for November 11

Spirit Cheerleading:

The first round of the football playoffs begins this week. What a great time to enjoy the games and cheer on your team! You may be playing teams you have never played before so make sure you are promoting good sportsmanship and representing your school and yourself in a positive manner.

As basketball cheerleading begins, go over the rules with your team and their parents (and even the basketball players’ parents if you can). As the coach, it is your job to make sure your cheerleaders are following the rules. (Fingernails, earrings, uniforms, etc) Your spectators don’t always understand why you are not allowed to do things that may have been done in the past. Educate them. J

Game Day cheerleading

The Game Day information is online at GHSA.net on the cheerleading page. Registration opened today!

Competition Cheerleading

It’s here! It is state week!

Please make sure you read the State Packet. I have received many calls today asking questions that are answered in the packet. I enjoy communicating with all of you—but, it is a super busy week.

Things to note:

  • Notify Pam (706-888-5309) or Penny (478-957-9775) if you are running late or have an emergency.
  • It is COLD in the arena. The ice is back! Dress warmly.
  • Please dress professionally. TV cameras will be all over the place—keep that in mind with dresses as you jump around!
  • Heels are not allowed on mats. Stiletto type heels should not be worn.
  • Please make arrangements for small children. Admission is not allowed for children or any non- team members at team check in. They will need to go to the pass gate or buy a ticket.
  • Two coaches, a music person and 20 athletes will be allowed to sign in at the team registration. Everyone else will need to go to the pass gate or front gate to enter.
  • Please complete an Excess Team Entry form located on the forms page at ghsa.net if you have more than 20 team members on your team. They will need to take that form to the pass gate and enter there.
  • If you are coming to watch a session in which you are not competing, please go to the same area, "Registration", in back of the Civic Center and up the stairs.  We will allow the two coaches, music person, and the twenty athletes to enter.  Any additional people must enter the front gate.   We only ask that you wait until we have all competing teams in the building.  Please remember we must be able to identify you as a team.  Also, the arena is cleared at the end of every session.  That will include any teams that enter another session. 
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