10 Questions to Kick-Start Your Sports Branding Project

You've thought long and hard, consulted your staff, and run the numbers: it's time to rebrand with a new logo.

While the prospect of a new logo is exciting, it can also create nerve-racking anxiety. Fear not. Preparation is key, starting with information gathering to frame your new logo's brand story. I begin with a list of 10 questions; here are three to get you started:

What is the primary driver (or drivers) behind your need for a new logo?

A clearly stated articulation of the problem – the “why” – behind the need for a new logo is an important first step in creating a mark that communicates with purpose. Reasons for a change can include “Our merch sales need a shot in the arm,” to “Our current logo doesn’t express who we are anymore,” to “Our new A.D. wants a new look.”

What are some unique qualities distinct to your community? Why are they important to your market?

A critical aspect to any sports identity is a proper representation of place. A strong
sense of local identification is key to creating fan loyalty. Some aspects to consider include local or regional history, geography, industry, and culture.

Who is your competition? How are you different from your competition? 

You compete against everything from other professional, collegiate, and high school teams to amusement parks to movies to Xboxes. Identifying the competition in your market allows you get have a better sense of the kind of messages competing with yours. Understanding who they are and how you’re different allows you to refine your message for better reception in the marketplace. 

The complete 10 questions I use cover more ground, helping to create the brand story that will guide your sports branding project. Click here to download a PDF worksheet with all 10 questions, and get your branding project started off on the right foot!  Check out more great sports branding work at HartwellStudioWorks.com

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