2020-21 Rule Modifications and Considerations

The following considerations and rule modifications previously are made in an effort to allow our wrestling athletes and coaches a full wrestling season. These changes are for one year only. Please work with the GHSA Office to make this year as successful year as possible for wrestling.

 The GHSA Office has a plan for the Girls Tournament.  The plan is to have a State Championship on February 19-20, 2021.  The tournament will be open to all girl wrestlers in TrackWrestling OPC.  We will seed the tournament for all girls entered in the GHSA MIS system and the OPC.  Instructions will be sent later.

Since the Date for First Practice has not changed in any sports, wrestling programs will be allowed to start practice on the original date of October 26, 2020, if you choose to do so.  

We have received numerous questions asking for clarification, so below you will find clarifications concerning Sanctioned Tournaments, Out of State Sanctioned Tournaments and Scrimmages.

Sanctioned Tournaments: 

  • Dual Tournaments (Only)
  • The restriction is two (2) teams per mat may be invited for the tournament (4 mats = 8 teams).
  • Schools may wrestle on multiple mats.
  • Mats may be removed when not needed as teams are eliminated.
  • A Varsity and JV from the same school counts as two (2) teams.


Traditional Tournaments (Only)

  • The restriction will be 28 wrestlers per mat utilized for the tournament (4 mats = 112 wrestlers)
  • No bracket will be larger than 16 individuals.
  • The limit of wrestlers is a maximum and shall not be exceeded.


Out of State Sanctioned Tournaments

  • The GHSA has not changed Out of State Tournament requirements.
  • All Tournaments should be sanctioned before participating in or hosting a tournament.
  • Participating in or having Out of State school(s) participate in your tournament is a local decision.



  • Each school is allowed one (1) scrimmage (Dual or Tri-Match) this year.
  • This scrimmage may be scheduled anytime between the beginning of practice and the first regular season match for each team.
  • The scrimmage is for varsity teams only and shall be played with normal timing and/or scoring rules except as noted in individual sports sections.
  • Officials registered with GHSA must be assigned, and the GHSA “Fee Chart” must be followed.
  • A school may not scrimmage another school that is counting the scrimmage as a regular-season contest.

Don Corr
Associate Director

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