2021 Football Season Points of Emphasis Details

2021 Football Season Points of Emphasis Details

Profanity of any kind, inappropriate language,
Racial or Ethnic slurs, Sexist or Homophobic comments, directed at an official or opponent are not representative of the positive values of an education-based education. Penalty will be DEADBALL UNS-15 yards, Cumulative for each player/coach.  If they receive a second UNS for any reason, that coach or player will be ejected. (NFHS Rule 9-8)

Head Coach Only Addresses Officials:
Coaches have an expected level of “goodness” when working with student-athletes. They are considered “role models” for the young and impressionable. Good sportsmanship should never be replaced by derogatory, obscene, and distasteful actionsThe behavior of coaches is directly reflected in their players and fans.
The HEAD COACH ONLY shall be allowed to discuss and/or comment about officials’ rulings with game officials.  No other sideline personnel, INCLUDING ASSISTANT COACHES, will be able to address the game officials.  Penalty will be DEADBALL UNS-15 yards, cumulative for the HEAD COACH.  If a second UNS is given on either the Head Coach or Other Sideline Personnel, for any reason, the HEAD COACH will be ejected.  (NFHS Rule 9-8)

Free Blocking Zone Rule Change:
Regardless of the blockers’ stance (2, 3, or 4 pt. stance), if the initiation of the block and the contact is a continuous motion, a block of a head up opponent, an opponent lined up in an adjacent gap, or an opponent lined up head up over an adjacent teammate will be legal in a normal offensive formation.  If the contact is not made by the completion of the second step, the block is considered delayed and thus is illegal.

To legally cut block in the Free Blocking Zone, the movement of the offensive lineman must be directly toward the target without any delay, not raising the helmet level, and must be engaged in contact by the 2nd step of the offensive lineman that is cut blocking.  The only opponent that can be legally cut blocked is one that aligns head-up, in the gap to either side of the blocker, or head-up to the lineman adjacent to the blocker on either side.  Any other cut block that does not meet this definition will be considered an Illegal Cut Block.  Personal Foul-15 yards.  (NFHS Rule 2-17-2c)

Sideline Etiquette:
Coaches must stay behind the restricted zone on the sidelines during the game unless during time outs or dead ball periods, once the game begins until it has been completed.  If a coach repeatedly stands across the restricted zone on the sideline, the first violation will be a sideline warning. Any further violations will be DEADBALL UNS-15 yards, cumulative for the HEAD COACH.  (NFHS Rule 9-8)

Game Administrators and Security for Officials:
When the Game Officials arrive at the game site, the host school:
GHSA Constitution and By Laws, page 33, Section 2.71, C, 1-5:
(c) It shall be the responsibility of the home or host school to take the following precautions at all interscholastic athletic events:
(1) Take proper steps and precautions to insure crowd and spectator control, including having an administrator (or designee) from the host school to function as “Game Manager” at all GHSA sanctioned events. EXCEPTIONS: Golf and Tennis.
 (2) Take steps to insure the comfort and security of all players, coaches, and officials.
 (3) Have in place sufficient security personnel to handle any crowd-control problems that might reasonably be expected.
 (4) Security escorts must be provided to game officials by the host school at all GHSA sanctioned contests, before, during and following the contest - including to their vehicles.
 (5) Provide a safe and secure changing area for contest officials, free from traffic by school staff, students and spectators.

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