Anti-Stacking Rules for 2013 Season

Tennis coaches are reminded that new anti-stacking rules were adopted at the September meeting of the State Executive Committee and are effective immediately for the 2013 season.

Those rules are as follows:

The new GHSA rules against stacking (page 86 of 2012-13 Constitution, B1,a-c):
    1. Stacking of one’s lineup is strictly prohibited in any regular-season match, invitational tournament, or state tournament match. An obvious attempt to stack a lineup (i.e., use a player or doubles team below their relative ability level on the team) may result in the immediate disqualification of the entire team.
    2. For each regular-season match, the coach will choose three players (A, B, & C) to play singles and two pairs of players (D1 & D2) to play doubles that day. The best players of A, B, & C must play the #1 position in singles and the weakest player must play #3 singles.  The best doubles team of D1 and D2 must play #1 doubles.
    3. It is not stacking to alternate from match to match during the regular season the positions of A and B, B and C, and even A and C if the players are of relatively equal ability.  Likewise, D1 and D2 could alternate if these teams are of relatively equal ability.
    4. It is not stacking if players alternate from singles to doubles and vice versa, from match to match in the regular season as long as the singles players being used that day are listed from #1 to #3 according to ability, and the best doubles team plays #1 doubles. (Effective immediately)

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