Attention Coaches With Teams in Semifinals!

We have received several calls concerning the poor weather forecast for the first of next week. We are advising teams NOT to wait until next Monday or Tuesday to schedule their semifinal round tennis matches. Tuesday, May 4, is the last day of the semifinal play window and, with Wednesday’s forecast also calling for rain, an extension of the play window past Tuesday would likely do no good, even if it were granted.

So please try to get your matches played Friday or Saturday when the forecast is calling for clear weather. Either that or have some indoor courts ready for Monday or Tuesday. We certainly do not wish to have to clear a bracket because teams missed the deadline for play, but that is a possibility.

Contact me if you have questions or if you are having problems coming to an agreement on the play date for your semifinal match.

Good luck to you all and I hope to see you in Rome where the early forecast is for sunshine!!

Steve Figueroa
GHSA Tennis Coordinator

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