Basketball Game Guidelines for Cheer and Dance

Due to COVID-19 the following guidelines/allowances should be met for GHSA basketball cheerleading/dance teams:

  1. If cheerleading/dance teams do not have the resources or enough time to purchase uniforms to accommodate all team members, t shirts, shorts, warm up pants, camp wear, etc. may be worn. Leggings/tights should not be worn unless covered by shorts or a skirt.
  2. All schools should have a space in the bleachers designated for cheerleaders to cheer. (or dance teams) Or, if a gym has at least 8 feet behind the end line for cheerleaders to stand, this is permissible. Cheerleaders should stand as close to 6 feet away from each other as possible.
  3. Masks are recommended.
  4. Cheerleaders/dancers may do the intro or “call out” for the teams, as they normally would.
  5. Cheerleaders in the stands are still not allowed to stomp. However, teams should still utilize time outs, quarter changes, and half times to showcase their favorite cheers on the main floor before returning to the bleachers when play resumes.
  6. Cheerleaders/dance teams should have their own water bottles.
  7. Cheerleaders/dance teams should not meet with the opposing team’s cheerleaders.
  8. Poms should be sanitized after each game and not shared if possible.
  9. Hand sanitizer should be available and used often.
  10. Masks are recommended while the team is stunting or if social distancing is not an option.
  11. After the game, make sure that cheerleaders/dancers continue to social distance while leaving the game.
  12. If traveling to a game on a bus, please follow the school’s protocol on social distancing during travel.

Cheerleading and dance teams may continue to perform at quarter changes, half times, and at time outs as specified by the NFHS Spirit Rules book.

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