Basketball 'Weekly Blast' for Dec. 12


Please ensure to circulate the information in these “Weekly Blasts” throughout the season in an effort to regularly address the issues observed during GHSA games.

SHOT CLOCK – Any additional questions concerning the Shot Clock please contact Andy Cowart, GHSA Basketball Rules Liaison (

SPORTSMANSHIP – The fact that we continue to make this a “Point of Emphasis” is due to the fact that unsporting behavior is out of control. Coaches must understand, if you are not able to control the behavior of your players, and yourself in many cases, you leave no other option than for the officials to control it.

“Game Reports” for ejections are due into the MIS System within 24-hours of the incident, and must have the guilty party’s name included in the report. REPORTING OFFICIALS: Effective immediately, submit “Game Reports” for EJECTIONS on a separate report than those for other game infractions.

ILLEGAL CONTACT – Illegal contact on the ball handler continues to be a concern.  There are (4) automatic illegal defensive acts on the ball handler that need to be called to clean up the flow of the game. (1) Two hands on at any time. (2) Multiple touching/tagging (3) Continuous touching without removing the hand (4) Arm bar. Call these infractions early in the game and the players will adjust if they want to stay in the game.

GAME ASSIGNMENTS – Per GHSA policy, contest officials may not be assigned to games involving the same school(s) more than (4) times during the season (home or away).  The only exception is during a tournament when games results may create a need to work the game.  Additionally, officials shall not be assigned to work games for a specific school on back-to-back dates.

JEWELRY – Jewelry is NOT allowed on players in the game. Earrings, ear studs, etc. are NOT allowed even if covered by tape or a Band-Aids. If discovered during play it is not a technical foul infraction. The player merely must leave and be replaced by a substitute, and not allowed to reenter the game until the piece of jewelry is removed.

UNIFORM JERSEYS – Rule 3-4-1 c. clearly states the torso of the jersey for the “home” team shall be white and a contrasting color for the visiting team. Any deviation of this shall result in an administrative technical foul to the guilty team, without prior approval from the GHSA Office.

MAXPREPS – Remember schools are required to submit game schedules and game results on MaxPreps.  Rosters and statistics are requested.

MEDIA TIMEOUTS – We will continue the weekly “Media Timeouts” on Wednesdays throughout the season on the GHSA website.

Good Fortune!

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