Basketball 'Weekly Blast' for Feb. 13


Please ensure to circulate the information in these “Weekly Blasts” throughout the season in an effort to regularly address the issues observed during GHSA games.

REGION TOURNAMENTS – The school(s) hosting their respective region tournaments are required to contact the local officiating association that contracts their regular season games. The Region Secretary is responsible to submit the top four seeds from the respective region into the MIS System as soon as that is determined or no later than 9:00 AM February 19th.

STATE TOURNAMENT TEAM INSTRUCTIONS – The “Team Instructions” for the first three rounds of the State Tournament are up on the GHSA website ( On the main page click on “Sports & Activities”, then “Basketball” and look in “Upcoming Events”. Remember, ALL State Tournament game admission shall be purchased through GoFan ONLY. Participating schools need to set up your game(s) with Tyler at;

NOTE: In the First Round through the Quarterfinal Round, the higher-seeded teams will host (if equal seeds meet, a “universal” coin flip will determine the host school). In each of the first three rounds, there are two dates of competition.

1. The girls teams will play on the first night of the designated round, while the boys teams will play on the second night of the round.

2. In the event that the same school hosts both the boys and girls games, the host school may petition to schedule a doubleheader with the following stipulations:

(a) If a doubleheader is scheduled, it shall be played on the second playing date of that round. If more than two (2) schools are involved, they must all agree on the play date or the schools will play on the gender-designated dates and there will not be a doubleheader.

(b) If the day of the doubleheader is requested to be changed, all participating schools must agree to play the doubleheader on the requested date.

UNIFORM STANDARDS – At this time of year it is common place for a uniform issue to be addressed by game officials.  It is also common place for coaches to reply “We’ve been wearing that all year”. The #1 issue we run into each year relates to undergarments. The rules are very specific about what is legal and what is not. If not, the player(s) may not enter the game with it.  For reference, please go to your NFHS Rules Book, Rule 3 Sections 3-6 or contact GHSA Basketball Rules Interpreter, Andy Cowart at

SLAM DUNK & 3-POINT CONTESTS – For information about this year’s “Slam Dunk & 3-Point Contests” go to the Basketball page on the GHSA website. The site is accepting dunk videos for the 1st round now, and the 3-point prelims will be held on February 11th.

• Submit Video entries at  Starting now through Sunday, February 19, 2023. 

• To enter a video users must first upload their video to one of the accepted platforms (YouTube, Vimeo, or Instagram) and then enter the video URL into that field.  You can also send video to

•    Video submission is only for slam dunk entries, NOT for 3-point contest. 

•    Jan. 30 – Feb. 19     Slam dunk entries accepted.
•    Feb. 21 – Feb. 26    Slam Dunk Voting for on & @OfficialGHSA social media
•    Top 3 advance to finals at Basketball State Championships March 11

3-Point Semifinals

  • Semifinals will be held on Saturday, February 25 @ Banks Co., Perry, Griffin, Model
  • Finals for the Co-Ed 3-Point Contest are on Thursday, March 10 and the Girls 3-Point Contest are on Friday, March 10 (Both at the Macon Coliseum)
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