Bremen High School Transforms Baseball Stadium Experience with Musco’s LED Lighting

Bremen High School, in Haralson County, is among the latest schools to energize the stadium experience for its baseball team and fans by installing Musco’s Total Light Control—TLC for LED system.

While LED sports lighting continues to emerge as a cost-effective option, schools are finding out that LED lighting from different manufacturers produces vastly different results. In fact, high schools have had to replace recently-installed LED lighting from other manufacturers with Musco’s TLC for LED system to resolve complaints from neighbors about light spill and glare.

Bremen’s new lighting features patented glare control technology, greatly reducing glare and spill; and is a complete system with poles, cross arms, fixtures, and electrical components designed to work together, simplifying installation and providing better reliability.

The LED system significantly reduces energy consumption compared to metal halide lighting. Musco’s Control-Link® facility management system enables the school to turn the lights on and off instantly, from anywhere, with the touch of a smart phone; and provides 24/7 proactive monitoring and scheduling support from a call center.

Musco’s 25-year warranty covers every part and all labor, eliminating maintenance costs for Bremen well into the future. 

For more information about Musco Lighting and the TLC for LED system please contact Jeremy Jordan (678.428.7700 or or Rob Staples (706.870.2177 or


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