Competition Updates and Clarifications

We want to remind all coaches that the safety of your team is one of  your primary responsibilities.  A rule book defines and interprets the rules, however, the coach determines what the team is capable of safely executing.  You must know your team and the capability of each athlete.  Use their talents wisely.  Most execution errors occur when teams are not trained, prepared, or physically capable of completing the skills required. Coaches push the limit and expect more than a team is ready to do.  Please be careful as the season begins and place the safety of your team as number one.
The following are interpretations or clarifications that were sent to the officials this week:
Keep in mind that Teams can perform their dance section at any time throughout the routine. So, if a team decides to do a dance towards the beginning of their routine, they can.  Judges make sure you are looking at the entire routine. Also, the only time a ZERO would be given in dance is when there is completely NO dance at all. If a team does not meet the 4 eight count minimum, you would just lower their score from what you were planning to give them. Teams are not required to complete any incorporation of skill during a dance portion of the routine and should they do so, they would still be expected to meet the time element.  Example:  A team selects to put up a series of single based stunts during a dance portion of a routine.  They must be sure to extend the time of the dance to ensure they meet the full time requirement.
Dance is an exciting portion of the routine.  Coaches should choreograph a routine so that the judges do not have to guess when the team is dancing or if they are implementing a motion sequence.  Dance is not the place to yell your chant.
Hand Placement
Please keep in mind that Front spots are allowed to hold under the foot if there is a proper spotter place on the stunt. The spot is usually located behind or on the side of the stunt. Many stunts only require one spotter.  The official will look to make sure one person has their hands in proper position to spot the top person.  The NFHS rules book clearly defines the job of the spotter.  Rule 3-2-5
We no longer deduct points for front spots. 
For example: If you have 4 people holding up an extended stunt, 3 people can be under the foot, if you have one person on the ankle and not under the foot. The remaining three individuals may have their hand under the foot to support the top person and steady the stunt.  Please remember that it is the coaches' responsibility to ensure the bases/spot are holding the stunt in the proper position and that they hold the stunt in a safe position.  The hands should not be placed in a position to create dismount issues. 
Jewelry VS Tape/Brace
There was some confusion this week concerning team members wearing tape on their wrist.  The officials mistook the decorative tape as jewelry.  Tape is sometimes worn as a support on the ankle or wrist and it should be a type of medical tape.  It is suggested that if you have doubts that it can be determined to be tape that you ask to see the Safety Judge for approval prior to competition.  One row of tape around a wrist may not really give in physical support.  Tapping, however, is allowed.  Wrist bands, hair bands, etc are not allowed. I would suggest you not consider the use of decorative tapes that can confuse the officials. 

Nail Polish
We do not take off for nail polish.  Please remember that no glitter is allowed.  It will not be allowed in make-up or on nails.

Review the simple rules:
Page 14 - 2-1-4   (nails)
Page 14 - 2-1-5   (Hair/Hair devices being secure)
Page 14 - 2-1-7 a (Clear floor)
Page 15 - 2-1-11 (Braces)

All uniform rules on page 18:  Section 1 of Rule 3 - Appropriate and safe (shoes must be on and tied appropriately).  Do not tie laces under the shoe.  Do not tape laces.  No glitter allowed.

We wish each of you a safe season.  If issues arise please notify us the weekend  of competition.  Films should be submitted directly to Pam Carter.  We accept practice videos and once the season starts we no longer review actual competition videos for the purposes of scoring routines.

Pam Carter

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