Congratulations 2020 Dance State Invitational Champions

Congratulations to the 2020 Dance State Invitational Champions: Mill Creek (7A), Starr’s Mill (5A-6A), Heritage-Catoosa (3A-4A) and Stilwell Arts (1A-2A), who competed February 15 at Columbus State University. Coed or all-girl dance squads performed in jazz, high kick, hip hop and pom in the event’s second season.
Appreciation goes to Columbus State University, Penny Mitchell, GHSA staff, volunteers, judges, sponsors, dancers, coaches and fans for a successful event.

State championship merchandise can be ordered from TeamIP.

2020 GHSA State Dance Invitational

A-2A Winners

  • Hip Hop: Washington
  • Jazz: Stilwell School of the Arts
  • High Kick: Thomasville
  • Pom: Stilwell School of the Arts
    Overall high score & Champion: Stilwell School of the Arts (Jazz) 85.15
    Runner up: Washington (Hip Hop) 83.15

3A-4A Winners

  • Hip Hop: Ringgold
  • Jazz: Blessed Trinity
  • High Kick: Stephens Co.
  • Pom: Heritage (Catoosa)
    Overall high Score & Champion: Heritage (Pom) 91.28
    Runner Up: Stephens Co. (High Kick) 89.83

5A-6A Winners

    • Hip Hop: Dutchtown
    • Jazz: Starr’s Mill
    • Pom: Starr’s Mill
    • High Kick- no entries
      Overall high score & champion: Starr’s Mill (Jazz) 97.15
      Runner Up: McIntosh (Pom) 95.78

7A Winners

  • Hip Hop: South Forsyth
  • Jazz: Mill Creek
  • Pom: Mill Creek
  • High Kick: no entries
    Overall high score & Champion: Mill Creek (Pom) 92.30
    Runner Up: Etowah (Jazz) 83.88

A-2A - Stilwell Arts

3A-4A - Heritage-Catoosa

5A-6A - Starr's Mill

7A - Mill Creek

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