Congratulations to 2022 Tennis State Champions

The 2022 GHSA Tennis State Champions were held May 14th at the Rome Tennis Center. It was a boys and girls sweep for: Walton (7A), Northview (5A), Marist (4A), Westminster (3A), Pace Academy (2A) & Wesleyan (1A Private).  Consecutive wins: Boys - Johns Creek (4), Marist (2) and Westminster (2); Girls - Walton (2), Marist (3), Westminster (2), Pace Academy (2) and Telfair County (3). First time titles: Boys - Lake Oconee Academy (1A Public) and Girls - North Atlanta (6A)

Appreciation goes to the Rome Tennis Center at Berry College staff, officials, TeamIP, sponsors, athletes and fans that enjoyed a gorgeous spring day of state championship tennis.  

2022 Boys State Champions:
7A - Walton
6A - Johns Creek
5A - Northview
4A - Marist
3A - Westminster
2A - Pace Academy
A Public - Lake Oconee Academy
A Private - Wesleyan 

2022 Girls State Champions:
7A - Walton
6A - North Atlanta 
5A - Northview
4A - Marist
3A - Westminster 
2A - Pace Academy
A Public - Telfair County
A Private - Wesleyan

View past boys and girls state champions.

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State championship merchandise will be available online by Team IP. More info

Boys Brackets
Girls Brackets


7A Boys - Walton

6A Boys - Johns Creek

5A Boys - Northview

4A Boys - Marist

3A Boys - Westminster

2A Boys - Pace Academy

A Public Boys - Lake Oconee Academy

A Private Boys - Wesleyan

7A Girls - Walton

6A Girls - North Atlanta

5A Girls - Northview

4A Girls - Marist

3A Girls - Westminster

2A Girls - Pace Academy

A Public Girls - Telfair County


A Private Girls - Wesleyan

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