Congratulations to First Dance State Invitational Champions

Congratulations to Mill Creek (6A/7A), McIntosh (4A/5A) and Washington (1A/3A), the inaugural 2018-19 GHSA Dance State Invitational champions and all teams that competed in the first-time event. A total of 50 dance squads performed as coed or all-girls in genres of Jazz, High Kick, Hip Hop and Pom on February 16 at Mt. Zion High School in Jonesboro.

Appreciation goes to Mt. Zion HS, Penny Mitchell, GHSA staff, volunteers, judges, sponsors, dancers, coaches and fans for a successful event.

Team Scores

1. Washington Hip Hop    77.88
2. East Jackson Jazz       73.37
3. Model Jazz                    67.83
4. Franklin County Pom    67.10

1. McIntosh Pom              94.50
2. Starr's Mill Zazz            93.20
3. Starr's Mill Pom            92.80
4. Mcintosh Lyrical           92.73

1. Mill Creek Pom             88.83
2. Mill Creek Jazz             87.17
3. Forsyth Central Jazz   78.93
4. Milton Pom                   74.63

A-3A: Washington

4A-5A: McIntosh

6A-7A: Mill Creek

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