COVID-19 Rule Modification Effective Immediately

After several requests because of COVID-19 shortages, the GHSA has decided to temporarily modify the current rules concerning the minimum number of players necessary to begin a varsity tennis match. For any remaining regular-season matches (if both coaches agree), and for the region tournaments (if a majority of region coaches vote to use this format), a team can start a match with only the three singles positions filled.

Both doubles lines may be forfeited (if the opposing team has two doubles teams) and the team with only three singles lines would begin the match down 2-0. If both teams are missing one or both doubles lines, then those lines would be considered “no contest” and the winner of the match would be determined by the outcome of the contested and/or forfeited lines.

This modification is for the remainder of the 2021 regular season and will NOT carry over into the state playoffs. Once state playoffs begin, the regular rules will apply.

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