Create Your Own Photo Gallery by Snapphound

Schools! A new school year brings the opportunity for new special event moments for your students and their families. Parents want photo keepsakes of these moments, and students want photo moments to feed their social media accounts! But how can you easily get this content in their hands? 

With Snapphound - an official licensee of the Georgia High School Association - you can easily make your photos available to your community in a central, controlled, branded place. Just upload your event photos (or have others upload them for you) and share gallery links with your community. That's it! 

With Snapphound, your school will also be able to:

  • Make photos available for free or for a fee
  • Request optional in-gallery donations to support your efforts
  • Run sponsor ads to give your partners more local exposure
  • Get site insights, user info, and much more!

For only $89/year, load unlimited galleries and keep 100% of any proceeds you earn. Sign up today for your school's account at to get started with your next school event and create new marketing, fundraising and sponsorship opportunities!

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