Emergency Action Plan


2.21 The administrative head of each school shall have on file in the school office:

  1. a certificate of an annual physical examination given by a licensed medical physician, a doctor of Osteopathic medicine, nurse practitioner or a physician’s assistant indicating the student is approved for participation in athletic activities before that student may try-out, participate in practice, conditioning drills or summer activities, or participate in interscholastic contests (see By-Law 1.41).
  2. a written Emergency Action Plan for athletic practices and games. This plan must include responses to natural disasters, serious illnesses/injuries, and terroristic events, and must have the involvement of local law enforcement agencies, rescue agencies, medical doctors and hospital personnel.
  3. The Emergency Action Plan (EAP) should include the following:
    1. The venue-specific EAP should be reviewed and rehearsed annually prior to each sport season. Recommended personnel include local Emergency Medical Services (EMC) school public safety officials, school administrators, on-site medical personnel or school medical staff (team physicians or athletic trainers) and all pertinent coaching staff members.
    2. The venue-specific EAP should be accessible to all involved in a potential emergent situation.
    3. All emergency equipment which is available onsite, including Automatic External Defibrillators (AEDs), should be listed on the EAP.
    4. The EAP should identify key personnel and their responsibilities to carry out the plan of action with a designated chain of command.
    5. The EAP should contain appropriate contact information for the local and/or responding EMS personnel.
    6. The EAP should contain the facility address, GPS coordinates, location and contact information.
    7. A medical timeout is recommended prior to all GHSA sanctioned events to review the EAP

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