Flag Football Player of the Week

The Georgia High School Football Daily will be recognizing a state flag football player of the week beginning Monday, Oct. 18.

There will be a short writeup on the player that will appear in the GHSF Daily newsletter and website. It will be nine recognitions on Mondays through the state championship games. The award is sponsored by the Atlanta Falcons.

To make this successful, we'll have to get good nominations by the Sunday before the award is announced starting Friday, Oct. 15.

The ideal nomination would include some statistics, such as touchdowns scored, touchdown passes, ''tackles'' or flags pulled, interceptions, and how the team did the previous week. Could be a number of key plays that she made that week. We don't need every statistic, but we would like something quantifiable to support it and not simply ''she works really hard, she's a great teammate, she's very deserving.'' Those compliments are welcome in a nomination, but the main criterion will be objective performance.

Please send “player of the week” info, suggestions and comments to: toddholcomb@bellsouth.net

Thanks! We're looking forward to giving some players and teams recognition.


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