Football 'Blast' for Sept. 25

Football Section G: Page 63 and 64 of the GHSA Constitution and By Laws

G. The following regulations are in place for GHSA football games.

1. All GHSA football games will have a twenty (20) minute halftime unless both school administrators agree in writing by Thursday of game week to shorten the halftime period to fifteen (15) minutes, or unless NFHS weather-condition rules supersede.

 2. Artificial noisemakers, except airhorns and whistles, are legal at football games. Illegal noisemakers are to be confiscated when visible and/or used.

3. Bands are not to play during live-ball situations. NOTE: This includes the situation in which there is no timeout and the teams are in a huddle. (a) If, during a football game, a team claims interference with communications due to band noise, the Referee shall give a warning to one or both head coaches and the bands must cease playing. (b) If there is a second offense by the same school's band, an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty will be imposed against that school's team.

4. During the state playoff series, a crew of seven (7) field officials will be used.

5. Fans shall not be allowed to enter the playing field either before the game or at halftime to form a tunnel for players to run through.

6. In the regular season, a school may utilize a visible 25/40-second clock as long as the time is visible on both ends of the field and the clock is operated by a paid game official.

7. Football stadiums may never be completely dark during the use of any flashing stadium lights. The ability to see from one endline to the opposite endline must be maintained at all times before, during and after the game, until the officials have left the competition area

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