GHSA Cheerleading Uniform Update

Adopted 8/15/16

  1. Male uniform for competition cheerleading will be uniform pants and a top which counterparts those worn by the female teammates. Sideline male cheerleaders may include shorts in the place of the pants. Tank tops will not be permitted.
  2. Female cheerleaders should wear a uniform that fully covers the front and back of athlete’s torso. A skirt or dress should cover the briefs, bloomers or any spandex material.
  3. All athletes on the same squad should wear the same uniform while performing at a game or competition.

Uniform reminders:

  1. Metallic Bows-Varsity glitter (approved in '14) and fireworks bows (approved in '16) are approved as these bows do not have loose metallic fabric.
  2. No glitter on uniforms, bows or other accessories to the uniform.
  3. Sequins should not be sewn on individually but embedded in the material of the uniform.
  4. Metallic in Uniforms -Fireworks fabric was approved in '16 as a lettering layer ONLY, this is notapproved as part of a uniform panel.
  5. Cut outs in spirit AND competitive uniforms - WILL NOT BE ALLOWED as part of


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