GHSA Leads Way Nationally by Offering Digital Ticketing

125 Georgia High Schools Also Offering Fans Digital Event Ticketing

ATLANTA, GA, August 16, 2017 – The Georgia High School Association (GHSA) and 125 of its member schools across the state are leading the way nationally in offering digital event ticketing to fans. The GHSA and the schools are partnering with Huddle, further expanding the nation's largest and most innovative ticketing solution for the high school market. Huddle offers an integrated digital and paper ticketing solution for both state association post-season events and individual school regular season events.

The Huddle digital ticketing app is called GoFan. GoFan provides high schools with digital ticketing capabilities along with the convenience, safety and security of professional sporting events at no cost to the schools. Digital ticketing provides consumers with a convenient way to purchase and redeem tickets online or via a mobile phone.

GoFan will now be available at most GHSA championship events. Additionally, GoFan will be offered at quarterfinal and semifinal levels at host schools during the high school football playoffs.

While testing GoFan, GHSA sold 5,500 tickets at this year’s basketball finals hosted at the University of Georgia and Georgia Tech, which helped contribute to a 25% increase in ticket sales compared to 2016.  

“We are excited to add the GHSA to our rapidly expanding Huddle Tickets / GoFan family. The GHSA and its member schools are a perfect fit for our easy-to-use digital ticketing technology, and the fans will absolutely love it,” stated Huddle CEO Joey Thacker.

“Our exclusive digital ticketing partnership with GoFan is a terrific opportunity for our schools and their fans. GoFan is quick and easy to use on any mobile device or laptop. GHSA schools want the best and GoFan delivers a proven, successful online digital ticketing solution," said GHSA Executive Director Dr. Robin Hines.

“Digital ticketing has never been available to our schools or fans until now,” said Fulton County District Athletic Director Steven Craft. “Since we now live in a digital world, we want to continue to lead the way in education and technology. Our schools are ready for it, and so are our fans. GoFan is making it a reality.”

“GoFan makes it much easier to manage the money on a Friday night. Bookkeepers throughout the county say it makes their jobs easier and provides more transparency and security,” stated Gwinnett County Athletic Director Jon Weyher.

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