GHSA Preferred Shot Clock Package

Don't miss your shot to get everything you need for Basketball season. 

GHSA approved shot clocks for high school (with a three-year phase-in period beginning this season) and has now partnered with Daktronics to offer special pricing on a GHSA preferred shot clock package. The package includes: 2 shot clocks, controller, 2 receivers and a start/stop switch for $2900 (freight charges not included).  

Already a Daktronics Customer? 

You could be able to save even more. Contact your local Daktronics rep, Scott Berardi, to get a personalized quote based off your existing equipment., 404-290-3266.

If you choose to work with BSN Sports, please contact your BSN Sports Sales Pro or Lu Nunnally at Lu will direct you to the BSN manager and/or rep in your area.

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