GHSA Staff Responsibilities

(* Denotes person is not in the GHSA office)

By-Law Interpretations Robin Hines & Jay Russell
Coaches Liaison Carror Wright
Community Coach Program
Program Manager Julie Jones
Investigations Carror Wright
Title IX Penny Pitts
Non-Transfer Students Stacey Basilici
Transfer Students Robin Hines
Hardship Hearings Sheri Brooks
Hardship Rulings Robin Hines
Operations Robin Bullington
Fines - Schools Sheri Brooks
Fines - Rules Clinics Tanya Anderson
Invitational Tournaments Tanya Anderson
Playoffs Robin Bullington
Dues Julie Jones
General Information Sheri Brooks
GHSA Directory Tanya Anderson
GHSA Passes
Coaching Passes Tanya Anderson
School System Passes Sheri Brooks
Retired Personnel Sheri Brooks
Literary & One Act Play
Policy Interpretations Tommy Whittle
Procedures Stacey Basilici
State Coordinators Dean Slusser & Tim Harris*
Media And Publications Steve Figueroa
Officials Registration/Testing Pam Thompson
Officials Training Ernie Yarbrough
Online Rules Clinics
For Coaches Tanya Anderson
For Officials Pam Thompson
Order For Purchases Sheri Brooks
Sanctioning Procedures Tanya Anderson
Sports Administration
Baseball Ernie Yarbrough
Basketball Ernie Yarbrough
Cheerleading Penny Pitts & Pam Carter*
Cross Country Jay Russell
Football Tommy Whittle
Golf Jay Russell
Gymnastics Lucia Norwood*
Lacrosse Tommy Whittle & Jay Watts*
Riflery Larry Pendergrass*
Soccer Don Corr
Softball Ernie Yarbrough
Swimming Andy Cowart*
Tennis Steve Figueroa
Track & Field Jay Russell
Volleyball Don Corr
Wrestling Don Corr
Sports Medicine Don Corr
Sportsmanship Programs Carror Wright
Trophies And Medals Tanya Anderson
Web Site Steve Figueroa