GHSA Staff Responsibilities

(* Denotes person is not in the GHSA office)

By-Law Interpretations Robin Hines
Coaches Liaison Carror Wright
Community Coach Program
Program Manager Julie Jones
Investigations Carror Wright
Title IX Penny Mitchell
Dragonfly Liaison Tanya Anderson
Non-Transfer Students Stacey Basilici
Transfer Students Robin Hines, Carror Wright
Hardship Hearings Sheri Eubanks
Hardship Rulings Robin Hines
Operations Robin Bullington
Fines - Schools Sheri Eubanks
Fines - Rules Clinics Stacey Basilici
Fines - Officials Associations Pam Thompson
Invitational Tournaments Stacey Basilici
Region/Area Tournaments Stacey Basilici
Playoffs Robin Bullington
Dues Julie Jones
General Information Sheri Eubanks
GHSA Directory Stacey Basilici
GHSA Passes
School Passes Stacey Basilici & Sheri Eubanks
School System Passes Sheri Eubanks
Retired Personnel Sheri Eubanks
Officials Passes Pam Thompson
Literary & One Act Play
Policy Interpretations Tommy Whittle
Procedures Stacey Basilici
State Coordinators Dean Slusser & Tim Harris*
Media And Publications Steve Figueroa
Officials Registration/Testing Pam Thompson
Officials Program Ernie Yarbrough
Online Rules Clinics
For Coaches Stacey Basilici
For Officials Pam Thompson
Order For Purchases Sheri Eubanks
Sanctioning Procedures Tanya Anderson
Sports/Activity Administration
Baseball Don Corr
Basketball Ernie Yarbrough
Bass Fishing Kevin Giddens
Cheerleading/Game Day Penny Mitchell & Pam Carter*
Competitive Dance Penny Mitchell
Cross Country Kevin Giddens, Tanya Anderson & Mark Cutbirth*
Esports Tanya Anderson
Flag Football Ernie Yarbrough
Football Tommy Whittle & Kevin Giddens
Golf Ernie Yarbrough
Gymnastics Penny Mitchell & Lucia Norwood*
Lacrosse Tommy Whittle
Riflery Lisa Kelley*
Soccer Kevin Giddens
Softball Ernie Yarbrough
Swimming Andy Cowart*
Tennis Steve Figueroa
Track & Field Ernie Yarbrough & Mark Cutbirth*
Volleyball Don Corr
Wrestling Don Corr
Sports Medicine Don Corr
Sportsmanship Programs Carror Wright
Trophies And Medals Stacey Basilici
Web Site Steve Figueroa & Jim Bullington*