GHSA Statement on Dylan Thomas' Death

GHSA Executive Director Dr. Robin Hines met with the Superintendent of Pike County Schools, Dr. Mike Duncan, and the Athletic Director of Pike County High School, James Stanford, on Tuesday to review the incident of Dylan Thomas’ tragic death this past weekend. Below are the findings of the investigation into his death.

In reviewing the game film, there is no indication of an injury occurring in the second quarter of the game, nor did the player or anyone else report a possible injury.

In the third quarter, the player fell while attempting to pursue a play and reported a problem with the feeling in his leg. A certified trainer was called onto the field immediately and the player was helped off the field with what appeared to be a leg injury.

He was met at the bench by an orthopedic surgeon who was on the sideline along with the Pike County certified trainer.

The student was wearing a 2018 model Riddel Flex helmet (brand new). This is the highest-rated helmet that Riddel manufactures.

It also should be noted that Pike County coaches are required by their school system to renew the concussion protocol offered by the GHSA each year (the GHSA mandates all coaches to renew the concussion protocol every other year).

There is no indication of any negligent action by anyone associated with Pike County in this incident. The coaches had taken every precaution to prepare for potential injuries and went beyond the required standards when working within the concussion protocol.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Dylan Thomas’ family, his coaches, his teammates and the Pike County school system and community.

Dr. Robin Hines

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