GHSA/NFHS Network School Broadcast Program Media Policy

GHSA / NFHS Network School Broadcast Program Media Policy

All schools participating in the NFHS Network School Broadcast Program (SBP) have the rights to broadcast live (or delayed) any regular season contest involving their school with approval of the host home school.  If both schools are members of the NFHS Network SBP, then both schools may live-stream.  We ask home game host schools to best accommodate these live-stream requests with respect to space limitations of the host facility.

If the NFHS Network is broadcasting regular season games that involve schools in the NFHS Network, then the school may also live-stream the event over its own NFHS Network SBP.

All schools participating in the NFHS Network SBP may live-stream any contest their team is participating in during the state playoffs (all sports) with the following exceptions:  Cheerleading Sectionals, Football Semifinals, Basketball Semifinals and all neutral-site state final events.

If a member school NFHS Network SBP is broadcasting a state playoff event and a third-party producer wishes to live-stream the event, the member school gets preference. (This is usually coordinated with GHSA & NFHS Network to avoid such conflicts).

State Championships live-streams will be handled by NFHS Network in the following sports for 2019-20:  Volleyball, Competition Cheerleading, Football, Swimming & Diving, Team Dual & Traditional Wrestling, Basketball, Soccer, Lacrosse, Track & Field and Baseball. 

No fee is assessed member-school NFHS Network School Broadcast Programs. The GHSA will provide all NFHS Network member-school SBP programs a letter of permission for all post-season events and playoff contests if needed. We require all commercial and other broadcast groups, radio and internet audio, and delayed video groups to request a letter of permission and pay a rights fee in advance before those affiliates are allowed to gain permission. This includes other member school programs not participating in the NFHS Network SBP.

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