GIA Football Champions

Note - Small class champs not available for some years (Class A & B state championships began 1949) (Updated 3/14/2012) Thanks to Becky Taylor for the corrections and additions to these results

Year Class AA Class A Class B
1948 Washington (SW Atlanta)    
1949 Washington (SW Atlanta) Brooks Union Normal Institute
1950 Spencer (Columbus) Risley (Brunswick) Tift County Industrial
1951 Washington (SW Atlanta) Brooks Cedar Hill
1952 Spencer (Columbus) Brooks Tift County Industrial
1953 Howard (NE Atlanta) Dasher Cedar Hill
1954 Turner (Atlanta) Center Carver (Carrollton)
1955 Ballard-Hudson (Macon) South Fulton Cedar Hill
1956 Spencer (Columbus) Center Fair Street
1957 Risley (Brunswick) Fair Street Cedar Hill
1958 Washington (SW Atlanta) Hunt Elm Street
1959 Ballard-Hudson (Macon) Douglass (Thomasville) Wayne County Training
1960 Tompkins (Savannah) Ralph Bunche(Woodbine) Elm Street (Rockmart)
1961 Laney (Augusta) Bryant(Moultrie) Boggs Academy
1962 South Fulton (East Point) Center Boggs Academy
1963 South Fulton (East Point) Pinevale (Valdosta) Bruce Street (Lithonia)
1964 Howard (NE Atlanta) Forrester (Alto) Evans County
1965 Price (SE Atlanta) Trinity (Decatur) Boggs Academy
1966 Laney (Augusta) Lemon Street (Marietta) Eureka/Boggs Academy (Tie)
1967 Spencer (Columbus) Douglass (Thomasville) Evans County
1968 Carver (Monroe)    
1969 Houston (Perry)