Guidelines for Cheerleading and Dance Officials

2020-21 Guidelines for Cheerleading and Dance Officials

  1. Hand sanitizer should be provided; however, please make sure you bring your own.
  2. The holding area (classroom, media center, etc.) for judges should allow for social distancing with a separate restroom other than the one the athletes and coaches will use.
  3. Each official should bring their own pencils/pens to use.
  4. All meals that are provided should be individually wrapped or boxed.
  5. Host schools have been instructed to seat the judges at least 6 feet or more away from spectators and mats.
  6. When seated at a table to judge and not at least 6 feet from others, masks/facial coverings are mandatory.
  7. Hosts have been instructed to clean/sanitize the tables between sessions.
  8. In dance, officials will bring their own computer/tablet and should be seated up high in the bleachers or above, away from any spectators. Officials should be at least 6 feet away from other judges.
  9. The judges’ holding area should be sanitized after each use.
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