How Lasso Compression Socks Help Prevent Sports Injuries

The most commonly injured part of the body in sports is the ankle [Fong, et al., 2007], so it makes sense that preventing ankle injuries is one of the best ways to make sure you or your child can stay active.

We all know about ankle tape and ankle braces, but these solutions can restrict range of motion, so while they work, studies show they may weaken the ankle over the long term when used to prevent injuries, which makes it more injury prone when you are not wearing a brace [Kaufman et al., 1999].

So what’s the best way to prevent ankle injuries without restricting range of motion? Enter Lasso, the official compression sock of GHSA.

Lasso uses a patent-pending compression technology to support ligaments and tendons, without restricting motion. This compression is so effective, it has been shown to reduce ankle rolling by 75%, compared to traditional athletic socks.

Lasso was designed by a team of biomedical engineers from Georgia Tech, who after experiencing a personal ankle injury, decided it was time to create a product that could help prevent ankle injuries, without requiring the expertise and time that medical tape requires.

Lasso is based in Atlanta, GA, and is proud to be an official partner of the GHSA, and supporter of Georgia high school athletics. Learn more at


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