Important Information for all 2021 Football Playoff Teams

Important information for all 2021 GHSA State Football Playoff Teams:
  • When your Region Secretary enters your Region's Final Seedings for the Football Playoffs (deadline is 9 am Sunday, November 7, 2020) in the MIS system, the playoff brackets are finalized.  The brackets will not be adjusted if one school has to cancel due to COVID issues.  Example....If #3 cancels due to COVID, your #4 does not become #3 and #5 does not become #4.  This example holds true for any region seeding 1-4.
  • Once the bracket is set, if a school cancels due to any reason including a COVID issue, it will be a forfeit and their opponent will move on to the next round.
  • In each round, you should send your Playoff Contract with BOTH schools signatures to the GHSA Office by email to
  • GHSA | GoFan Digital Ticketing for Early Round Playoffs

All GHSA Post-Season Football games will be hosted through GoFan, the digital ticketing provider of the GHSA.  GoFan will upload all Football games for the Post-Season, and you will be required to login to GoFan HQ, GoFan’s new event management system, to access your ticket link and manage your event if you are hosting the game.  Events will be posted by 1:00PM ET on Saturday following your previous game.

If you are not hosting, the event link will be accessible on by searching your school’s name. Ticket links will no longer be emailed to you – you must access your ticket link through GoFan HQ or via . All post season playoffs & state championships are exclusively sold on GoFan.  Alternate ticket platforms other than GoFan are not to be used for the post-season.

How do I access GoFan HQ?

  • To get started, go to GoFan HQ and enter your school email address. You will then be prompted to create a password to login.
  • Once you are logged in, please ensure your school logo is up to date as well as your account information. Click here for a quick tutorial on how to update your account.         

What else can you do in GoFan HQ?

Click Here for additional resources on how to successfully promote and manage your event!
We look forward to another exciting year of GHSA Football Playoffs! If you have any questions regarding GoFan HQ, please contact Go Fan Support. Should your fans need assistance, please have them reach out to our fan support email at


  • Football Playoff Broadcasting

With the football playoffs rapidly approaching, this is a good time to remind member schools of the GHSA broadcast policies.

During the regular season, the HOST school owns the rights to its events and must give permission for the visiting school to produce a broadcast (audio or video). The host school can use any platform it chooses to broadcast its own regular season events.

But the GHSA owns the rights to all state playoff events and anyone wishing to produce an audio or video broadcast of an event MUST secure a contract from the GHSA prior to the event and pay a right’s fee. This includes any streaming of the event, whether it be by the school, a parent or an outside media entity, and no matter the platform (even personal YouTube channels).

No streaming of a state playoff event in ANY sport is allowed without first securing a contract from the GHSA. Email Media Director Steve Figueroa ( to request a broadcast contract.

The only exception to this rule is if the school is a member of the NFHS School Broadcast Program (SBP). All schools participating in the SBP may live-stream any contest their team is participating in during the state playoffs (without a contract or fee)

If a school is hosting a state playoff event and the visiting team is an SBP member, the host school must allow the visiting school to stream the event without a fee.

In addition, if the visiting school is uploading the stream to the NFHS Network, the host school is prohibited from originating a separate stream on another platform. The NFHS Network has exclusive rights to any state playoff events it wishes to put on its network. If the host school is also an SBP member, then it also may stream the event.

If a school is hosting a playoff event and an outside entity wishes to broadcast or stream the event, but does not have a contract from the GHSA, the host school should not allow the broadcast.

Please contact Steve Figueroa (see above email) with any questions about the GHSA broadcast policy.

Georgia Public Broadcasting will televise / stream one (1) game each round during playoff and football state championships (10). Peachtree TV will also carry one (1) contest per playoff round.


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