Infectious Disease Plan Information

It is the responsibility of each school system/school to formulate an Infectious Disease Plan taking into account the uniqueness of your community, school system, school, student/athletes, parents and spectators.  In formulating these plans, each school system/school should contact their central office personnel to determine if a plan is already in place that COVID-19 might fall under.  If one is not in place, school systems/schools should make all of the necessary decisions for a Infectious Disease Plan which accommodates their needs.    

As promised during the last GHSA BOT meeting, here are two COVID-19 templates (template 1 & template 2), a CA-MRSA plan and a Thompson SD plan (found while searching the internet). These documents will hopefully assist you in formulating a plan that best suits your local school or school system. 

If you need assistance, feel free to call or email.  Hope everyone is being safe.


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