January 2019 Basketball 'Blast'


  1. The “Head Coach” must be the individual who represents the team at the 3-minute meeting with game officials prior to the start of the game. An assistant coach may be the individual that stands during the game in the coaching box, but that individual must be designated by the Head Coach during the pregame meeting with the game officials.
  2. During live play ONLY one coach may stand in the coaching box bench area. This individual shall be either the Head Coach or designee of the Head Coach during the pregame meeting. If this rule is violated first give a bench warning, and if violated again issue a bench technical foul to the head coach.
  3. Teams are now deep into region play and the games appear to be getting much more physical.  There has been far too much illegal use of the hands on the perimeter and in the post area.  Call it early and often if necessary to allow for freedom of movement by players.
  4. There have been a number of fight or potential fight situations this season.  Officials are NOT to attempt to physically restrain players.  It is the responsibility of the coaching staffs to control the situation.  Officials are to observe the bench areas and document to the numbers of players who leave the bench area, whether they are involved in the fight or not.
  5. Do not “bail-out” offensive players who are out of control by calling a foul on a defensive player who has little or nothing to do with the action of the offensive player.  Too often defensive players are penalized when an offensive player has lost control on their own.
  6. The jersey number and the last name of the player(s) are required when submitting “Game Reports”.
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