Jeremy Nelson and Nick Blakely Sudden Cardiac Arrest Prevention Act (SB60)

SB 60, Jeremy Nelson and Nick Blakely Sudden Cardiac Arrest Prevention Act, In accordance with Georgia law, the GHSA is requiring all schools to:

Each school must distribute to every athlete and his/her parent/guardian an information sheet that includes: the Early Warning Signs, How to Recognize Sudden Cardiac Arrest and Learn Hands-Only CPR outlined in this by-law. This sheet must be signed by the parent/guardian of each athlete, each athlete and a copy kept on file at the school. 

Hold an informational meeting twice per year regarding the symptoms and warning signs of sudden cardiac arrest. At such informational meeting, an information sheet on sudden cardiac arrest symptoms and warning signs shall be provided to each student's parent or guardian. In addition to students, parents or guardians, coaches, and other school officials, such informational meetings may include physicians, pediatric cardiologists, and athletic trainers.

The links and documents on this page have been developed to help schools host these informational meetings.

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