Message to all Cheer Coaches

Cheerleading coaches, 

Competition season is finally here! Thank you to everyone who stayed positive and helped to make a difficult situation better. 

Here are a few procedures put in place for the season:

1. If a team has to cancel due to Covid outbreaks, coaches should go to and look under cheerleading for Withdrawal from a cheerleading competition. Schools will not be expected to pay any kind of restitution fee; however, host schools are not mandated to return the entry fee. 

2. Teams who are forced to withdraw from a competition due to Covid will be allowed to add a competition at another event if another host school has room for you.   

3. If a host school has to cancel a competition due to a Covid outbreak, entry fees should be returned to the participating schools. 

4. Please try to follow all instructions on arrival times, spectator information, etc. sent by the host school. Share this information with team parents. 

5. Tournament hosts, please scan and email the master score sheets to me at within one week after your competition is over.  

6. The list of competing teams for this year is attached along with the guidelines for competition cheerleading sent out on Oct. 13. 

State Cheerleading

We are still evaluating information to make final decisions for state. Not sure of how many sessions will be administered, it will still run very much like it has been run the last few years. Every team that qualifies by competing at region will advance to Sectionals or Finals, depending on the placement. A team that wins the region will advance to finals. All other teams will compete at Sectionals to determine the top 8 teams to advance to finals. Any team that is unable to compete at region, for any reason, will not be allowed to compete at sectionals. 

Coed teams will compete at Sectionals at Peachtree Ridge on Feb. 6th. The top 16 teams will advance to finals.

Class A teams will compete at Sectionals at First Presbyterian Day on Feb. 6th. The top 8 teams in A Private and A Public will advance to finals.  

Please do not hesitate to email or call if you have any questions. 


Penny Pitts Mitchell
Associate Director
Cheerleading and Dance/Title IX/Gymnastics/SAAC

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