The NFHS Network Delivers!

The NFHS Network is the GHSA's official live streaming partner and they now have a SOLUTION that automatically captures and broadcasts the video of your sports events. It’s completely automated - no staff required - and will make your coaches’ lives easier. One install and that’s all.

There are no annual payments or recurring costs as the system is available for purchase with a one-time investment. And they are making the offer even better by cutting the price in half - they will provide your schools with two automated live production systems for only $5,000.

By having one system for indoor events and one for outdoor events, it couldn't be easier to make sure that fans of all your sports and teams can follow the action when they can’t be there in person. Plus, your school will earn money through a subscription revenue share and include school sponsors in the broadcasts. Now this is how technology is supposed to work for you.

The automated live production will capture every event - all sports, all levels. Plus, the system will seamlessly export video from games and practices into all coaching software platforms. No heavy lifting! Parents and families will never have to miss another game and your coaches will love the ability to create game and practice film without hassle or headache.

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Here what Ty Phillips, assistant Athletic Director at Roswell High School has to say about their Pixellot systems:

Thanks for your support of the NFHS Network!

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