NFHS Network Pre-Season Checklist

The NFHS Network has made significant investments to improve their Support operations for this school year. Their Support Team has grown 10X larger (15 to 150 Agents) since last August.

There are 3 simple things you need to do to make sure your Pixellots (automated camera system) don’t miss any broadcasts, so please go through the checklist below ASAP.

To do AT LEAST 2 WEEKS before your first event:

  1. Make sure your Pixellots are “online”

(plugged in, powered on, and connected to internet)

    1. Go to (use your Console login information)
    2. Click the Pixellots tab at the bottom
    3. Under Status it should say “SLEEP” or “LIVE” (if it says “OFFLINE” click here)
  1. Keep your Pixellots online AT ALL TIMES

(24/7 – even on non-game days!)

    1. Camera lenses may be foggy when Pixellot first comes back online, but this will clear up within 10 days.  Pixellot must stay online for the lenses to remain clear.
    2. Pixellot must be online to download critical updates throughout the season
  1. Use Console Mobile to manage your Pixellots from your phone (or computer)


    1. Submitting a support request from Console Mobile is the FASTEST way to get help with your broadcasts or other technical issues
    2. Set up a test broadcast in less than 30 seconds
    3. Check the status of your Pixellots to make sure they’re ready to broadcast
    4. Start or stop Pixellot broadcasts with the push of a button

Click here to sign up for a live training webinar (or click here for tutorials).

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