Officials Benefits for NFHS 100% States





Access to NFHS centralized officiating educational content exclusively for high school officials.

    • NFHS COS Hub
    • Other NFHS Publications – PDF’s or 3-D Manuals
    • General NFHS Rules and Mechanics Educational Content

NFHS Learning Center:

  • Sport-specific courses
  • Video and Animation of NFHS Rules and Mechanics

      ***NEW: 2022-2023:

    • Access to educational panels, “legends” forums and other new content highlighting officiating.
    • Access to NFHS rules change videos.


  1. INSURANCE COVERAGE. Insurance coverage includes:
    • Coverage for all levels of officiating (youth, recreational, adult and collegiate) in sports recognized by the state high school association.
    • Excess General Liability

$2,000,000 per occurrence limit

$5,000,000 aggregate limit

    • Excess Accident Medical

$50,000 accident medical/dental limit per injury

$250 deductible per injury

$2,000 limit for physical therapy and chiropractic treatment

$2,500 accidental death & dismemberment benefit

  1. AWARDS PROGRAM. First-class national awards and recognition program  acknowledging  officials at the state, sectional and national levels.


  1. NFHS COMMITTEES. Representation on NFHS sport rules committees and standing committees. Nominations are submitted to the NFHS by the official’s state high school association.


  1. ***NEW (2022-2023): NFHS NETWORK SUBSCRIPTION. Officials in full 100% states will receive an annual subscription to the NFHS Network, providing them an opportunity to access unlimited games for their educational purposes.  The normal annual value of an NFHS subscription is $69.99 per individual and will now be included at a heavily discounted rate for Level 3 or Level 4 states.      Note: An additional $25.00 fee per official paid by the GHSA Office at no additional expense to the officials.


  1. OTHER BENEFITS: Officials in 100% states also receive discounts on rental cars through National and Enterprise and discounts through Signature Championship Rings.
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