Out-Of-Season Activities

A number of inquiries have come to the GHSA office about out-of-season Lacrosse tournaments being held this fall.  This kind of activity has existed in other sports for quite a while, and there is a delicate balance between a legal and an illegal activity.  Here are a few guidelines that must be followed for any type of activity to be legal according to GHSA rules.



 1.    At any given point in time, one coach in the school’s Lacrosse program may work with one or two students in skill-building drills.

 2.    Group weight training and/or conditioning drills may be held as long as they are not sport-specific – i.e., no Lacrosse equipment may be used.



 1.    When the coaches are not involved, students may participate in practices and in non-school competitions.

 2.    The time frame for the GHSA rule runs from August 1st each year to the last day of school for the students in the spring.

 3.    The involvement of coach extends to the planning of the activity as well as the supervision of the activity.

 4.    All student participation must be 100% voluntary.

 5.    The schools and its personnel may not organize the activity, fund the activity, or publicize the activity.  It truly has to be a non-school program.

 6.    The parents or community persons who run the activity must operate outside the guidance and financial support of school personnel.

 7.    It is important to remember that these activities are not school activities, so the GHSA insurance program does not apply.

 8.    It is also important to remember that recent GHSA rules changes dealing with recruiting and undue influence make Boosters Clubs accountable to the school.  That means that violations of GHSA rules by Booster Clubs will result in penalties being assessed against the school.

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