Officials are to register with only (1) local association per sport/activity, and each local association will register its membership with the GHSA Registrar.

  1. Associations are required to register their members through the GHSA MIS System.
  2. Officials are not allowed to officiate contests until his/her registration is completed and submitted to the GHSA Office. Associations that allow non-registered officials to work GHSA sanctioned contests are subject to penalties and fines.
  3. Non-registered officials are not covered under the GHSA Officials’ Insurance Policy and shall not be assigned to GHSA sanctioned contests.
  4. Registration with the GHSA Office entitles individuals to; GHSA insurance coverage, NFHS rules publications, and additional training material produced by the GHSA Office.
  5. Officials who are inactive (not registered) for a period of (3) consecutive years will be moved to a lower classification rating until GHSA requirements are met at that level for (1) year.
  6. Officials may work contests for another association if needed, but each instance must be approved by the local association following a request by the association assignor.
  7. All GHSA registered officials must register through the E-Verify program to be eligible to work GHSA sanctioned contests.
  8. All GHSA registered officials must have completed a “background check” that covers the current year of registration and is renewable every 3-years.


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