Softball 'Weekly Blast' for Aug. 22



PITCHING - Again, pitchers are not allowed to leap.  Although the rule was changed for USA Softball and other youth organizations, it was not adopted by the NFHS for this season.  It there is a “clear” violation of any pitching rule it must be called. NOTE: During warm-ups prior to the game, or prior to each inning during the game, catchers MUST wear the catching mask/helmet.

OFFICIAL GAME - Rule 4-2-2a “If a game ends because of weather conditions… it is a regulation game provided: a). five full innings have been played; or if the home team has scored an equal or greater number of runs in four or four and a fraction turns at bat than the visiting team has scored in five turns.”  If the home team scores the go- ahead run in the bottom of the fifth inning and game is called because of weather, darkness, etc. at that point it is an official game and home team earns the victory.

BATS – In GHSA play the bat must have either the 2004 ASA Certification Mark or the USA Softball All Games Certification Mark, and not be on the Non-approved bat list to be legal.  If a bat does not have either of these marks it is ILLEGAL.  A bat without either of these certification marks may not be on the non-approved bats list, but it is illegal if it does not have either of these certifying marks. 

RE-ENTRY RIGHTS - Rule 3-3-5 states: “Any player, starter or substitute may be withdrawn from the game and re-entered once…”  This means a sub can re-enter one time in the same position of batting order they originally entered.

ARTIFICIAL NOISE MAKERS IN DUGOUT – NFHS/GHSA policy prohibits the use of “artificial noise makers” in the dugout and on the field of play that are not a part of the game. Banging on buckets with any item that is part of the game is permitted i.e.: hands, bats, balls, cleats are items that are part of the game and are allowed. Drum sticks, air horns, etc. are not permissible.

WEATHER CANCELLATIONS - GHSA policy dictates in doubleheaders, if the first game starts and is then cancelled due to weather, the second game is also cancelled.  If the first game is a JV game and is cancelled before it starts, the Varsity game can be played if weather permits.

GAME BALLS – Due to the supply shortage of the Wilson 9011 ball, games are allowed to be played with any optic yellow ball meeting the .47 core and 375 lbs. specifications until your supplier has received the Wilson ball.

RULES INTERPRETATIONS – Each week I will also send an NFHS Rules Interpretation of the week (attached) for your review. Also, remember to submit your rules/policy questions in the MIS system on the GHSA website. This material will also be featured on the website in our weekly “Media Timeout”.

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