Softball Weekly 'Blast' for August 16


COVID-19 MODIFICATIONS vs. CONSIDERATIONS – At this time, there are no modifications, waivers or restrictions concerning the virus.  Teams should always utilize precautions concerning the potential safety in all aspects of participation on and off the field.  Additionally, there is not a waiver for the player game limit that was approved last season due to the virus.

SPORTSMANSHIP – Head coaches are the only team personnel permitted to approach an umpire to dispute a call, and it shall be handled in a non-confrontational manner.  Assistant coaches are not allowed to dispute a call with an umpire and will be restricted to the dugout or ejected if they choose to do so.

TEAM HUDDLES – Teams are not allowed to huddle outside the dugout between half inning change overs. This rule is a safety measure and shall be adhered to.

FIELD CONDITIONS – The playing field shall be properly marked prior to the start of the game.  If there are questions concerning the required field markings you may go to the website and search for the “Court and Field Diagram Guide”.

COACHING ISSUES – Defensive coaches are NOT allowed to be positioned outside the confines of the dugout, period. This includes being behind the backstop to signal pitches.  Defensive coaches may stand/sit in the opening of the dugout, but may not stand/sit outside the opening. Per NFHS/GHSA rules, offensive coaches,  in the coaching box areas, shall be dressed alike and may not wear opened toed shoes. Upper body garments shall be the same in design and color and may be long or short sleeved. Lower body garments shall match in color and may be long or short length.

MEDIA TIMEOUTS – Each Tuesday throughout the season, I will doing a short 2-3 minute presentation on the GHSA website called “Media Timeout”. You can access the short video by going to the ‘Resources” link of the main page.  I encourage umpires and coaches to provide me with issues they would like to be addressed on the new program and in the “Weekly Blast”.

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