Softball Weekly 'Blast' for August 17


COVID-19 MODIFICATIONS vs. CONSIDERATIONS – “Modifications” are issues that deal with playing rules,  i.e. issues dealing with pitching, pregame plate meeting, handling of game balls, dugouts, etc..  “Considerations” are issues dealing with concessions stands, spectator physical distancing, etc., and those are host school decisions.

DUGOUTS – While host schools have the option to extend the dugouts with clearly marked out of play areas inside or outside the field boundary fences to allow for physical spacing, individuals remaining inside the permanent dugout structure shall wear facial coverings. Any perceived unsafe activity shall be submitted on a Game Report by the umpires.

GAME BALLS – Each defensive team is responsible for their own game balls.  At the beginning of each half inning the catcher shall show (not hand) the ball to the home plate umpire for visual inspection. When a ball goes out of play, the catcher shall get another game ball and repeat the procedure.

POST GAME – At the conclusion of the game rather than the traditional hand-shakes or high-fives, teams will gather outside their respective dugout or along the closest baseline and wave toward their opponent in a display of sportsmanship.

GAME LIMITS DUE TO COVID-19 – The games number restriction for individual participation is being waived for the 2020 season to allow for schools to be able to field both varsity and JV teams.  The team game limits for varsity and JV are still in place.


TIE BREAKER PROCEDURE – The elimination of the Power Point System has created a modification of the GHSA  “Tie Breaker” policy for varsity level games.  As such, non-region games may end in a tie. If the opposing schools wish to use the 10th inning tie-breaker procedure, both head coaches must indicate their intent during the pregame home plate meeting.  If not, the procedure cannot be implemented if the game is tied after the 7 complete innings, and the game will end in a tie. This policy shall also be implemented during Invitational Tournaments using “playing time” restrictions after time has expired.    

PREGAME PLATE MEETING – Umpires and head coaches shall wear a facial covering during the pregame plate meeting, as well as the prescribed physical distancing. This meeting shall be brief, with the necessary information exchanged, and conducted in a professional manner.

PLAYERS’ FACIAL COVERINGS – Player facial coverings shall be one solid color and may include the school logo, mascot, or school name.

LIGHTINING – Each school shall have a designated distance indication for lightning detection in their Emergency Action Plan.  As such, in the event of lightning concerns that information shall be provided to the umpire crew and tracked by the host school Game Manager when necessary. In the event that the umpire crew perceives imminent danger, the game may be suspended without notification from the Game Manager. In either event, the determination to resume or terminate the game shall follow GHSA resumption of play procedures.

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