Softball Weekly 'Blast' for August 23


EXTRA INNING TIE-BREAKERS – Since there are no longer Power Rankings, the implementation of the “tie-breaker” policy is not mandatory.  As such, games may end in a tie. But, if the “tie-breaker” policy is to be used it must be communicated during the pregame home plate meeting with the umpires.

PITCHING – Pitchers shall take, or simulate taking, a signal from the pitchers plate and have a distinguishable pause after the hands come together prior to starting the pitch.  If not, an “illegal pitch” shall be called.

PLAYER PARTICIPATION – The maximum game limit for “players” has been waived in an effort to allow schools to have sub-varsity level teams.  The varsity “team” game limit remains at (30) regular season games, including region tournament games if played.

TRANSPORTATION ISSUES – Many school systems are experiencing bus driver shortages.  As such, often team travel becomes an issue. If visiting schools are communicating transportation problems, the games shall not be forfeited.  If they do not communicate travel problems with the host schools, there shall be a 30-minute grace period before declaring a forfeited game.

MEDIA TIMEOUTS – Each Tuesday throughout the season, I will doing a short 2-3 minute presentation on the GHSA website called “Media Timeout”. You can access the short video by going to the ‘Resources” link of the main page

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