Softball Weekly 'Blast' for August 30


UMPIRE UNIFORMS – GHSA policy prohibits contest officials from wearing uniform items with visible GHSA logos on the shirts, hats, etc. in non-GHSA member high school contests (i.e. middle school games, rec league games, games involving non-GHSA member high schools).

TEAM HUDDLES (Reminder) – Teams are not allowed to huddle outside the dugout between half inning change overs. This rule is a safety measure and shall be adhered to.

WIN, LOSE, TIE – It is a region-by-region decision to allow, or not allow, games to end in a “tie”.  But, that decision whether it is a region game or not shall be communicated to the umpires at the pregame meeting at home plate.

BEADS IN THE HAIR – The NFHS Softball Rules Committee has approved “beads” to be worn in the hair beginning in the spring of 2022. The GHSA has received approval to allow the rule change for this season in the GHSA.  As such, the beads may be worn if they are gathered closely and each strand is not swinging loosely to prevent contact with another player. If the beaded hair does not appear to be safely gathered, merely ask the coach to have player do so.

COACHING MATTERS (Reminder) - Defensive coaches are NOT allowed to be positioned outside the confines of the dugout, period. This includes being behind the backstop to signal pitches.  Defensive coaches may stand/sit in the opening of the dugout, but may not stand/sit outside the opening of the dugpout.

MAXIMUM CONTESTS - The varsity “team” game limit remains at (30) regular season games, including region tournament games if played. This simply means, if your varsity team has (28) games scheduled and your region tournament requires more than (2) additional games you will be in violation and an offending school will be penalized.

ENFORCE THE RULES NOW – As we approach the “meaty” part of the regular season it is critical that umpires enforce the rules of play and GHSA policies and procedures.  Each year the GHSA receives the “we have been doing it all year” comment from coaches who advance to the State Tournament. The rules are the rules and need to be enforced at all times and in all areas of the state.

RESCHEDULING GAMES – As we are all aware, weather has a tremendous effect on the scheduling of games.  When attempting to reschedule games previously cancelled due to weather, “region” games must be the priority.  When weather causes the cancellation of games many schools across the state are affected.  As such, available dates to reschedule games may be limited due the availability of umpires to cover them.  While region games are critical for region standings, non-region games are not and may not be able to be rescheduled.

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