Softball Weekly Blast for Oct. 11

GHSA SOFTBALL WEEKLY BLAST #8 – 1st Round State Tournament

ARTIFICIAL NOISE MAKERS – Artificial noise makers of any kind are not allowed in the dugout or on the playing field.  (drum sticks on buckets, softballs on buckets, whistles, air horns, etc.).

UNIFORMS/EQUIPMENT – By rule, uniform pieces must be worn as they were designed by the manufacturer.  As such, if the game jersey was manufacturer with sleeves of any length the sleeves may not be gathered at the shoulder in any manner. At the pregame plate meeting the head coach is asked if all his players are wearing legal uniforms and using legal equipment.

The bottom line with these issues is not whether a team has been allowed to use illegal equipment, not comply with uniform standards, or use artificial noise makers just because “we have been doing it all season”. The issue is that you will not be allowed to do so during the State Tournament.

TEAM INSTRUCTIONS – If you have not already done so, please go to the GHSA website and read/download the 1st & 2nd Round Team Instructions.  I you advance to the 2nd round go ahead and do the same with the Finals Team instructions to be prepared if your team advances to the Elite Eight.

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